Balvaird Castle, Perthshire, Scotland

Balvaird Castle

Elcho Castle is near the banks of the River Tay near the City of Perth (see picture painting of castle)

Balvaird Castle and ruined parts of the building

View of Balvaird Castle - picture painting of castle

Balvaird Castle is a very well preserved 16th-century tower house in Perthshire. It is owned by Historic Scotland and the last time I visited the castle it was free to visit. There is no public access to the inside of the castle but you are free to walk around the castle and have a picnic on the site. The castle was built around 1495 and it is well worth taking the time to visit.

Balvaird Castle near Perth, Scotland

Balvaird Castle is close to the City of Perth (see picture painting of this photograph)

Balvaird Castle Map & Map of Scotland

Drag the person icon onto the map to view Balvaird Castle in 360 degrees, click the top-right X to return to map.

Balvaird Castle

Ruins at Balvaird Castle in Perthshire

Ruins at Balvaird Castle and grounds.

While there is not much evidence that this castle is haunted it does have a very atmospheric feel to the building and its remoteness also heightens the feel for it being a bit spooky. I once spent one Guy Fawkes night at the castle car park area with my dogs (as they were frightened of the fireworks noise and the area was very quiet) and I always felt it would be worth a visit on a night with a full moon - spooky or not!

Blavaird Castle picture

Scottish Castles - Balvaird Castle

Blavaird Castle - Scotland Castle

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