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Kylesku Bridge

Kylesku Bridge

Kylesku hotel

Kylesku Hotel next to the old ferry slipway (picture painting of Kylesku hotel)


Scenery near Kylesku

The Kylesku bridge replaced the small ferry between Kylestrome and Kylesku, which while a romantic short trip often meant long delays in summer months. You should stop at Kylesku and spend time in the hotel which serves excellent meals, the locally caught prawns are a speciality and used to be served (and may still be) in pint glasses. The scenery is outstanding and is well worth the time spent exploring the area before travelling further north.

Kylesku information

Kylesku slipway and Kylestrome

Kylesku slipway looking over towards Kylestrome, the original ferry route to the far north of Scotland.

Kylesku Map & Map of Scotland


View down to the Kylesku slipway (picture painting image - orginal photograph of Kylesku)

Kylesku Bridge - north side

North side of Kylesku Bridge

Kylesku jetty

Kylesku Jetty (picture painting - original photograph of the Kylesku jetty